​Fakology is the definitive Internet reference source for debunking fake news, misinformation, myths and rumors.

News headlines can be alarming and can trigger drastic behavioral changes in populations. In today's post-truth society, news headlines are faked to instill anxiety or anger to advance a malicious political or social rhetoric.

Through Fakology we are attempting to stop the spread of fake news and in doing so prevent serious mental, emotional and even physical damage to our citizens and societies.

We are committed to :

Debunk email & Social Media Hoaxes.

Educate readers about fake news and it's purpose.

Provide a resource where Internet users can check the veracity of popular and current rhetoric and news.

Remain non-political, independent and non-profit.

Provide references for the 'real' fact-checked news.

Give alerts on Internet scammers.

Share Anti Hoax tips

Fakology is an initiative by Naveen Raina. It was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak and the growing angst of the time.

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